Battle Assistant

The Ultimate App for your Airsoft- or Paintball-matches

It doesnt matter wether you want to just play a limited amount of time or advanced game modes like  Domination or Bomb/Defuse. Battle Assistant will level up your Airsoft- or Paintball-Matches.

The Alarm sounds indicate your beginning match and the end. In addition voice output will inform you about all nexessary info, like time left, countdown at the last seconds and the winning team.

But this all might not be the end, whenever you got additional ideas about new games modes don't hesitate to write us.  This App is made from an Airsoft-Player for Airsoft-Players!

Battle Assistant was initially made for tablets, but of course you can use also your mobile.
Just connect it to a loud speaker and enjoy your matches!

Game-Mode Time

Mode with time limitation only. 
At the beginning a preselected alarm is playing, initiating the match.
Once the time is over the preselected alarm signals match  end.

All sounds are selectable in all modes. Epic music at the menu.

For all Modes:

  • 8 Different alarm sounds
  • 3 Bomb ticking sounds
  • 3 Bomb detonation sounds
  • Voice output (customizable)

Game-Mode Domination

Each Team needs to fight forward to the base and press their colored-button. Once this is achieved the time will be banked until another team fights their way torward to the base and switch to their color.

At the End the team with most time dominating wins the match.

In this mode stragetic skills mostly decide which side wins. Up to four teams playable!

Game-Mode Defuse

A Mode inspired by Counterstrike. Terrosist team needs to fight to the bomb spot an plant the bomb. 

Once the bomb is planted the Counter team needs to defuse it to win. 
When this cannot be achieved the bomb explodes and the terrorteam wins.
Like in Domination the more strategic skilled team will mostly win.

I'm an Airsoft-Player

When i started to play Airsoft we just played the well known Team-Death-Match, Death-Match and so on. 
But soon i had the wish to play advanced modes like in PC-Ego-Shooters like Domination or Bomb/Defuse.

The App was born

So i decided to program an App which will support us in match-making. Initial the Time-Only mode was implemented.
Over  time it was enriched with different alarm sounds and very soon also the voice output came in to support with infos about games start/end, how long to play (each minute) and so on.

Domination and Bomb/Defuse

The newest update now includes the 2 new modes Domiation and Bomb-Defuse. We are having much Fun with these modes as they require strategic skills on each team. I hope you enjoy!


March 2022 - Release of Battle Assistant